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Business development entails a continuous process of innovation, which requires additional investment. The investment can be obtained; this in two ways: at the expense of own means of the enterprise that is to be rather costly and time-consuming process, or through borrowing, which can be mobilized by convincing financial institutions in the future, efficiency and profitability rental apartment. In the latter case, to overestimate the role of the business project is quite difficult, because there are interested in at least three main sides of business: owners, creditors and managers.Despite the fact that currently the need nutriformance-planning is given sufficient attention, both in foreign and in Russian hotels, a business plan is a new document for the majority of Russian entrepreneurs.Even in currently widespread position, which denies the expediency of the detailed development of the expanded business plan and proposed offering as an alternative a brief feasibility study. It is believed that the lack of a business plan may be offset by knowledge of "depth" of domestic and foreign businesses, as well as familiarity with the necessary people occupying important posts.In modern conditions this position may not be sufficient to obtain or selection of investments for specific projects. Market conditions dictate the need to use commonly accepted in other countries the practice of promoting entrepreneurial projects for investment, for example in the development of the streets of Novosibirsk.Thus, the relevance of the chosen subject is obvious, since planning begins both the creation and functioning of commercial organizations.
Long experience of foreign companies and Russian companies shows that the underestimation of business planning in the conditions of market, mixing it to a minimum or incompetent implementation often leads to large, unwarranted losses and to the eventual liquidation of the business. the
Successful leaders know well that all the great battles you igryvaya primarily on paper after a carefully designed plan and then in reality.страница не найдена . Да я незнаю, вот хорошее предложение по квартирам, стоить обратить внимание. Последствия таковы: и в том и в другом случае было исключено влия-ние на уровень оплаты регулирующего воздействия рынка труда, исключен учет отраслевых и территориальных интересов работодателей и работников в вопросах объективного установления уровня и динамики оплаты труда ра-ботников, а также поддержания необходимых соотношений в оплате труда.

Но а так, кто собирается посетить места сражений второй мировой, рекомендую поехать в Демянск. Проблема эффективного управления заработной платой на российских предприятиях была и остается одной из самых актуальных. Во многом это объясняется тем, что большинство функций государства по реализации этой политики переданы непосредственно предприятиям, которые самостоятельно устанавливают формы, системы и размеры оплаты труда, а также систему материального стимулирования работников

Да, чуть не забыла, есть хорошее квартирное бюро где можно арендавать квартиру посуточно без посредников. Заработная плата является важным средством мотивации и стимулиро-вания высокоэффективной трудовой деятельности персонала. Уровень зара-ботной платы напрямую зависит от эффективного функционирования эконо-мики.

Главной задачей отдела цен и ценовой политики ЗАО «Инской» является разработка эффективной ценовой политики на основе контроля, анализа, разработки рекомендаций, расчета и корректировки текущих цен с целью обеспечения надежной адаптации предприятия к колебаниям рыночной конъюнктуры, ценовой политики к изменениям внешней среды и внутренних факторов для обеспечения рентабельности хозяйственной деятельности предприятия. Основные обязанности начальника отдела текстильной компании состоят в том, чтобы давать предложения об изменении цен в зависимости от эластичности спроса на данный вид продукции и уровня конкуренции, корректировать ценовую политику в зависимости от изменения политических, экологических, социальных и других внешних факторов, прогнозировать цены на сырье, материалы, работы и услуги, анализировать влияние цен на отклонения фактической себестоимости от расчетной (по видам продукции).
Thus, the aim of this coursework is to assess specific features of the process of business planning on the example of a particular company and OS is the basis of the conducted analysis to formulate specific proposals for increasing the effectiveness of corporate planning in the organization.
To achieve this goal it is necessary to solve the following of ass-Chi:
- to consider the theoretical aspects of the process of intra-firm planning;
- develop a business plan for the development of commercial enterprise and presents the analysis of its efficiency;
- to give recommendations to improve process control plans to increase your organization.
The subject of the work is the problem of effective business planning, the object of research, production and trading organization LLC "Evrika", which is engaged in the production and sale of upholstered and Cabinet furniture.
1.1. The essence and principles of modern planning
In market conditions the enterprise should make wide use of pre-estate planning in a competitive struggle. Therefore, any business-matel must have a well thought out and comprehensive plan - the document that defines the strategy and tactics of doing business. The presence of de-developed the detailed plan allows you to actively develop entrepreneurship of in the sphere of daily rent; to attract investors, creditors and partners; to maximally utilize the competitive advantages and prevent possible errors; follow up on supporting new trends and use them in the activity; to mitigate the influence of weak and enhance the impact strengths of the enterprise's activity; to take timely action against various risks; to estimate results of activity of the enterprise.
The plan is a guide that contains information about led-the rank and character of change of external and internal factors at that specific time and forecasts of their changes at certain time inter-Val in the future. As implementation and change of circumstances the plan may be adjusted by adjustments of the relevant indicators.The plan required not only large and medium-sized enterprises, but also small, since the latter are most sensitive to fluctuations in economic conditions to improve. In all cases the planning activity of the enterprise is fulfilled senior management, on the basis of annual, monthly and ten-day plans of its subsidiaries.
Despite the fact that often national specifics of the investment climate complicate the procedures for development plans and to introduce trudnoce-predicates factors, to start any business without a plan is too risky. The market and the plan in common, they are not mutually exclusive, and ably complemented-Ute, resulting in wins the case with renting apartments , therefore, each accept a rolling in it businessman. Why every entrepreneur should learn the basics of business planning in the new economic conditions.A business plan is one of the first synthesis papers based of investment and contains aggregated data about the proposed nomenclature is round and the volumes of production, characteristics of markets and raw-material base, requirement of manufacture in land, energy and labor resources, and also contains a number of indicators that give an idea of the commercial, budgetary and economic efficiency of the project and primarily of interest to the participants-investors on the project. Calculations of indicators adapted to the requirements and conditions of modern-investment. the
The business plan can be developed by the project initiators and experts from outside, the client prepares and provides the necessary data, and this secure communication as a CCT program. Preferable to the first scenario, for which there are at least three explanations. Business plan in most cases is used as a means of obtaining the necessary investment, therefore, it is a tool of business financing.A business plan is the process of planning (foresight) and tools in-house management. In this case it is constantly updated (corrected) document, making the company susceptible to innovations - technical, technological, informational, organizational, economic and others.The business plan can be a good advertisement for the business, creating the company's image. A business plan is a document that insures the success of the business. He has shown a willingness to take risks.And, finally, a business plan is a tool of self-training, as his development is a continuous process of learning and improvement, is a creative process that requires professionalism and art.First, when developing the business plan project proponents better understand all the subtleties of a practical implementation of the idea, secondly, the initiators are the best experts on the essence of the idea, and apart from them no-one will be able to cover some special topics and various subtleties of the business plan. Thirdly, reduce the risk care housing office third Li-Tsam, which is not rarely observed in the market of intellectual services not only in Russia but throughout the world.In General, a business plan is a list of standard issues and answers to questions.